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We have several elite full blood Wagyu donors from the finest maternal bloodlines, to name a few;

Suzutani, Hikokura, Okutani, Hikohime, Kanetani and Okahana. 


The embryos we have available, are the result of carefully combining the best maternal bloodlines with some of the highest ranking proven Wagyu sires in the world. 


  • Arubial Anticipated Q0014 x Subtilia MS Itozuru Doi 645B: 4 x embryos (Hikokura 1/7)

  • HP Mayura L0010 x Subtilia MS Itozuru Doi 645B: 2 x embryos (Hikokura 1/7)

  • Itoshigenami TF148 x Synergy Much Hikokura 505F: 4 x embryos (Hikokura 1/7)

  • WK Sanjiro 3 x LMR MS Yasufuku 3411A: 4 x embryos (Shigehime 208)

  • SR Y13 Sanji x TWV Laura: 5 x embryos (Okutani)

  • Sumo C. Co. Michifuku L153 x Subtilia PLC Shig Suzutani 104W: 6 x embryos (Suzutani)

  • Tyddewi N4431 x Subtilia Gaya Q2: 6 x embryos (Hikohime 3/2)


We currently have embryos in stock for domestic use in the EU.


These domestic EU embryos start at € 975, and increase in price from there based on pedigree. All prices are exclusive tax and shipping.


Please contact us for the latest embryo inventory.

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