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Sanjiro 3 x LMR MS Yasufuku 3411A

Sanjiro 3 x LMR MS Yasufuku 3411A


Sanjiro 3  is the, superior, full brother to the original Sanjirou and one of the highest-ranking carcass and marbling bulls in the entire Wagyu breed. Like the original Sanjirou, this bull was sired by Michifuku and born to dam Suzutani. Suzutani's influence of the Wagyu breed is legendary. This coupled with the fact that Sanjiro 3's semen is extremely rare, makes him a much sought after sire.  
Don't miss this rare opportunity to add these outstanding genetics to your program.

LMR Ms Yasufuku 3411A, is a direct daughter out of Yasufuku Jr. The Yasufuku J930 bloodline is still the most saught after bloodline in Japan. Yasufuku J930 was considered to be the greatest of all Wagyu Sires by Kenichi Ono. Ono pronounced him "the most well balanced bull of the Wagyu" and used the words "ultimate and perfection" to describe Yasufuku J930.

These embryos spell top marbling, big ribeye and super marbling fineness.

All prices exclusive applicable taxes and shipping. Embryos stored at SEMEX Portugal.

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