Full Blood REAL Wagyu Provider

  Wagyu Ranch near Me: Full Blood REAL Wagyu Provider

If you did an internet search for "Wagyu ranch near me," you're search succeeded, and you've found your full blood REAL Wagyu provider. Here at Subtilia Ranch, we breed 100 percent full blood Wagyu cattle. What's more, we register all of our cattle with the Wagyu Association, so you can count on the fact that our cattle are the real deal.


Intense marbling is one of the genetic benefits of Wagyu cattle. Their superior genetics is also one of the reasons why Wagyu beef is the finest, most exclusive beef in the world.


Wagyu beef is rated near-divine status among fans of fine food and drink. The downside is the influx of breeders that crossbreed the Wagyu with Angus or other domestic cattle. These breeds are known as American-style or American Wagyu. Of course, 100 percent REAL Wagyu is far superior to the crossbred animals.


Here's the thing— There are only about 36,000 registered full blood Wagyu cattle in the US and Canada. To be registered, they all have to meet standards set by the American Wagyu Association. Unfortunately, Wagyu in the United States only needs to have 50 percent original Wagyu genetics to be sold under the Wagyu name.


What this means for you is if you search Wagyu ranch near me, you want to make sure that you find a full-blood Wagyu provider. Why? Because most of the Wagyu in the United States and Canada is at best 50 percent pure.


As a full-blood REAL Wagyu provider, we produce a limited number of Wagyu each year, and we don't use hormones or antibiotics. So, when you search "Wagyu ranch near me," make sure you pick the one with registered cattle and all-natural care. Contact Subtilia Ranch today.