Non Hormone Wagyu Beef

  Subtilia Ranch: Non-Hormone Wagyu Beef

Although the FDA says that hormones are safe in our beef, at Subtilia Ranch, we believe in non hormone Wagyu beef. After all, why ruin the most delicious and tender beef in the world with hormones or antibiotics? Our cattle are registered with the Wagyu Association and certified 100 percent full blood Wagyu.


We don't want to ruin our beef with substances that may be harmful to anyone's health. Many health experts are concerned that our bodies may absorb the hormones as well as antibiotics that are in our food. Plus, who knows how it all impacts human hormone levels? That's why we raise the highest quality non hormone Wagyu beef here at Subtilia Ranch.


If you're searching for Wagyu in British Columbia, get in touch today and come on out to take a look at our captivating cattle.