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Wagyu Beef

  Find Superior REAL Wagyu Beef in Portugal,
Subtilia Wagyu

Wagyu cattle produce the finest beef in the world. When you're looking into buying Wagyu beef in Portugal, make sure you get the real deal. Talk with the experts here at Subtilia Wagyu, and you'll see why 100 percent REAL Wagyu beef is far superior to any other you'll find.


Known as the caviar of beef in Japan, Wagyu, refers to specific breeds of cattle that come from a direct, traceable, and pure bloodline. What's more—the production of Wagyu beef in Japan is highly regulated, and progeny testing is mandatory. There's one goal in mind when it comes to Wagyu beef—supreme flavor.


Intense marbling is one of the tremendous genetic benefits of the Wagyu cattle and also why this beef is the finest, most exclusive beef produced in the world. Pure is important, and you can count on Subtilia Wagyu to provide 100 percent pure REAL Wagyu. We run a small operation, and we nurture the cattle from birth to harvest.


Our steers have a good life, grazing in the pastures for the first year. Then we move them to the dedicated facility, where they're put on a special diet to stimulate the marbling. Even better? We register all of our cattle with the Australian Wagyu Association to guarantee they're 100 percent full blood REAL Wagyu.


If you're searching for Wagyu in Portugal, get in touch today and come on out to take a look at our beautiful Wagyu herd.

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