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Subtilia Wagyu is located in the Alentejo province in Portugal, where we breed certified 100% REAL Wagyu. 


Intense marbling is one of the great genetic benefits of the Wagyu cattle and one of the reasons why Wagyu beef is regarded as the finest, most exclusive beef produced in the world.

All our Wagyu are raised on the grounds of Herdade das Postas and nurtured on the pastures around the main house. We run a small size operation where we like to give the animals a good and healthy life.

Our cows and calves graze on natural- and (sub) irrigated pastures. Our steers are grazed on the pastures till they are 12 -14 months old, then they will be 'finished' at the farm on a specialized Wagyu feeding program to even further stimulate the marbeling. This custom made all natural feeding program is build up in multiple phases where the steers get a specific menu of grains, vitamines, all natural minerals and roughage.

The steers will be harvested at an age of 30 to 34 months old.

We personally hand feed the steers their special menu 2 times a day, to be able to closely monitor their wellbeing and growth. 

Subtilia Wagyu is dedicated to growing the highest quality REAL Full Blood Wagyu without using any hormones or antibiotics in an environment without stress and pressure.


We produce a limited number of REAL Full Blood Wagyu per annum for beef. We are proud to work together with some of the finest and best restaurants in Portugal, France and Spain whom serve our REAL Full Blood Wagyu beef. 

All our animals are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association and are certified 100% REAL Full Blood Wagyu. 


In recent years, efficient marketing efforts have elevated Wagyu to near-divine status among fans of fine food and drink. But they've also led to an influx of 'gold diggers' that actually chose to crossbreed the Wagyu with Angus or other domestic cattle. These crossbred animals also referred to as ‘American-style’ or ‘American Wagyu’. 








A5 Ribeye, proudly produced at Subtilia Wagyu
A5 Striploin, proudly produced at Subtilia Wagyu
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