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Sumo Michifuku L153 x Subtilia Suzutani 104W

Sumo Michifuku L153 x Subtilia Suzutani 104W


This sire is the son of Sumo Michifuku F154, one of Sumo Wagyu’s most elite sires.

L153 has a well-balanced genetic profile with a combination of three exceptional sires:

Son of elite bull Sumo F154, Sumo Michifuku L153 boasts a Top 5% ranked Marble Score EBV of +2.4, due to a genetic combination of three exceptional foundation sires: TF Terutani 40/1, Itoshigenami X81 and World K’s Michifuku.
The sire of the dam E071: Sumo Itoshigenami X0081, has also proven himself as a prized carcass performer, acknowledged in the AWA branded Beef competitions as the sire of the 2014 Grand Champion carcass winner and the grandsire of the 2018 Gold Medal winner.
L153’s pedigree is backed up with a precision line breeding of super matriarch Shimane female: Hikohime 3/2, whose genetics are famous for producing prominent Wagyu herd superstars.

The DAM’s direct sire is WORLD K’S SHIGESHIGETANI. 

SHIGESHIGETANI is a famous sire that is believed to have a high degree of propensity to transmit his characteristics to offspring. He is bred from some of the most famous and highly regarded genetics exported from japan, and has been well proven. He is 75% Tajima line. His offspring are born small but grow relatively rapidly, and grow to have a long body with good ribeye size. SHIGESHIGETANI’s offspring exhibit relatively rapid growth to relatively good size, which is impressive given the fact that his genetics are 75% Tajima line, which is known for being slower growing and achieving a smaller overall mature size. He is regarded as having very potent carcass quality genetics. His pedigree contains Yasumi Doi as well as Yasutani bloodlines, and he carries the Kumanami strain as well. The Kumanami family is known for its extremely potent marbling genes, and is perhaps the primary reason that SHIGESHIGETANI’s dam Suzutani is generally regarded as the best carcass female to have ever left Japan. We find the full sister to SHIGESHIGETANI once again in this lot’s dam’s pedigree making her a direct granddaughter on the maternal side to the great Suzutani herself. 

All prices exclusive applicable taxes and shipping. Embryos stored at SEMEX Portugal.

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