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Hormone Free Wagyu

Hormone Free Wagyu: Subtilia Wagyu, Portugal

The highly marbled Wagyu beef has a unique taste, with unmatched tenderness, that makes for an unrivaled eating experience. That's why Wagyu beef is a mainstay for gourmet cooks and some of the best restaurants worldwide. Still, you may want to make sure that the meat you're eating is hormone-free Wagyu beef.


Although the FDA says that hormones are safe, many people believe there's cause for concern. The problem is two-fold. First, our bodies may absorb the hormones as well as antibiotics, and any other substances that remain in the beef after processing. Not only that, but there are plenty of questions as to how it all impacts human hormone levels.


Better safe than sorry. That's we raise the highest quality non-hormone Wagyu beef in Portugal, here at Subtilia Wagyu. All our animals are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association and are certified 100 percent REAL full-blood Wagyu.


We run a small size operation and strive to give the animals a good and healthy life. To that end, we nurture our steers, allowing them to roam the pastures around the ranch house until they're a little over a year old. After that, they get a custom made all-natural feeding program that includes a menu of grains, vitamins, all-natural minerals, and roughage.


We care for our Wagyu personally, hand-feeding them twice a day and monitoring their well-being and growth. What this means for you is antibiotic and hormone-free Wagyu. At Subtilia Wagyu, we grow the highest quality non-hormone Wagyu beef in an environment without stress and pressure and without using antibiotics.


We're proud to work together with some of the best restaurants in Portugal, Spain and France, and we're here to serve you as well. Get in touch today.

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